Masculine Flower Arrangements

Though flowers have a traditionally feminine association, some events require a more masculine flower arrangement.

The Garden to Vase Movement is an age old idea…

Thanks to Constance Spry!

In Bloom Flower Art

What a treat!  Went to see the Shoal Creek Gallery  exhibit IN BLOOM / FLORA ARTE + FINE ART IN BLOOM, is an installation project featuring noted Austin floral designers who find inspiration in contemporary art. FLORA ARTE showcased Benoit Ballon, owner and French master designer at King Florist; Bonni Taylor and Madeleine Landry, whose eclectic […]

Farm to Vase Workshop

Learning all about the Slow Flower Movement! Last week, the very talented Morgan Anderson of The Flori.culture hosted her Farm to Vase Workshop at the Austin Community College floral lab. This was a two-part workshop exploring the slow flower movement and an in-depth look at the many benefits to sourcing locally grown flowers and containers. What is […]

Slow Down and Smell The Roses

Mindful Practices for Mindful Living. Slow down and Smell the Roses! This blog was created as a reminder for me…and for you….that our every day life is filled with many beautiful gifts, we just need to take the time to slow down and….smell the roses.  When we slow down, we can see the details. We […]

Flower Crowns

Honoring My People With a Crown! It’s summertime in the mountains…and that means it’s time for My People With Bouquets series.  My People-Flowers Series combines my beautiful people with beautiful flowers. It’s designed to captures a glimpse of the bounty, beauty and love that swirls around us every day. So rather than making bouquets this year, […]

Saying Goodbye with Flowers

Flowers For Sympathy – Throughout history, flowers have been used to symbolize every aspect of the life cycle, from birth through death.   Flowers symbolize how the beauty of creation is temporary. Flowers also have a particular aesthetic value in the face of death, for the beauty of the flower helps balance our emotional response […]

How to Style a Coffee Table

Tips for Styling Your Coffee Table With Flowers. Coffee table decorating with what you have is inexpensive, easy and exciting. Step One:  Start With a Tray Establishes order Style of Tray sets tone for table Anchors Composition   Step Two: Stack Up Books Chooses titles of significance to you and reflect your interest Hardcover Grouped […]

How To Turn a Bookcase into a Workspace

The Bookcase Makeover! Forty five inches is the magic number in our 1950’s bungalow style house. All the wall space in this funky ol’ house is exactly 45 inches wide.  So when I find furniture that fits…it has staying power.  Several years ago, I had a book case made for the office area measuring 45″ x  90″ (which was […]

Finding Therapy in Flower Arranging

The Phoenix Style Flower Arrangement! Do you enjoy flowers but would like to feel a deeper connection while working with them? Then I recommend trying a Phoenix style arrangement. The Phoenix Style Flower Arrangement is made up of a compact round base with straight lines bursting out from the center.  It’s shape and strong lines […]

Because life is more beautiful with flowers