Day 11 of Decorating With Flowers: How to make an arrangement using a coffee container

How to make an flower arrangement using a coffee container

Yesterday we explored flowers on your kitchen window sill, but maybe you don’t have a good sill for flowers.  No worries, you can add flowers to your kitchen counter or island using a coffee container. Beauties on a budget

This arrangement was made using a few grocery store flowers (3 bunches for $10), and I placed it in an unused ceramic coffee container.  You can see the measuring spoon still attached to the front.

coffee container

I started with a clean container and filled it with water.


Next I added a few greens.


Then I inserted a few roses near the lip of the container and facing towards the container arrangementThen I just filled in with the remainder flowers, placing the taller line flowers near the back and rounder/mass shaped flowers in the center.

Beauties on a budget

It makes a nice little arrangement…perfect for my kitchen island.

So look around your kitchen and see if you can repurpose a container into a vase, insert some fresh flowers and enjoy the show all week long.

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