Day 19 of Decorating With Flowers: The Bedroom Dresser

Flowers on the Dresser

Placing flowers in the bedroom is one of those little things you can do to make you and your room feel special.

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Clustering a few container of flowers is a great way to get a bouquet effect without having to do any flower arranging.

new blue dresser

Or just by using an interesting vessel, you can enjoy a single bloom.


For this dresser, I just added a few blooms in my vintage lab kit.
This was an old dresser that I painted blue and styled to bring new life to it.
You can read all about how to style a dresser with flowers here.

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This dresser also received a paint job and had some new life breathed into it. It is a large dresser in a white room, so I like to add larger and brighter flowers or lush big branches to this bedroom dresser.

Now it's your turn.  Take a look at your bedroom dresser.  Is it large or small?  If it is large, you can go with a wider arrangement.  If it is small, a slimmer design is a better idea.  If the room is dark, I suggest using white blooms.  If the room is white, I suggest pinks, reds or oranges.  Go experiment and enjoy your sacred space.

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