How To Turn a Bookcase into a Workspace

The Bookcase Makeover!

Forty five inches is the magic number in our 1950's bungalow style house. All the wall space in this funky ol' house is exactly 45 inches wide.  So when I find furniture that has staying power.  Several years ago, I had a book case made for the office area measuring 45" x  90" (which was as close to the ceiling as I could get to maximize space).  Once we remodeled, the bookcase got moved into my daughter's room between her two closets....because guess what? Yep. 45 inches of wall space.  Last week, we converted the bookcase into a workspace for is the makeover. 


Phase One:  Dolls and Toys and Books Oh My!  This photo was taken many moons ago, and the bookcase was quite utilitarian at the time.  For fear of it tipping over, we put the books on the bottom shelf to keep the weight down low and placed toys /dolls up top.

bookcase before

Phase Two: Books By Color. As she grew older, she wanted a cleaner and less "babyish" look, so we reorganized the books on the top shelves (where she could now reach them safely) and also organized them by color for a  more stylish look. We moved many of the dolls and toys into bins on the bottom shelves.

IMG_1113 (3)

Phase Three: Tweens and Turquoise.  Yes, it's a tween's favorite color, so as time passed, we organized again, moving knitting supplies and toys into these turquoise bins.  (But she insisted that the Big Eyed Stuffed Animal collection stays put)!


Phase Four: The desk.  Then last week, we made a desktop for the bookcase so it could be used as a work/craft space.


We cut a piece of wood to fit, trimmed and stained it. Then covered the back part of the shelf with hand printed paper.



Wa-lah! A workspace! I am planning on screwing the board right into the top of the bookcase so it doesn't flip up when she leans on it, but for now I placed a heavy stone on it.

And since this was a mother-daughter project (we took our measurements, cut the wood, trimmed it out and stained it together), my daughter was quite pleased with herself.  So perhaps I should title this post: From drab to fab...a mother/daughter bookcase makeover!    Hope this helps you feel inspired to rework your workspaces/bookcases...even if it is just adding a few flowers.  And you can see more about flowers in workspace here and here. Have fun!

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